Building Information Modeling (BIM)

It is the basis for improving productivity throughout construction projects life cycle. At CSI Ingenieros we offer comprehensive engineering services with BIM that range from planning, through design development, engineering, construction, to operation and maintenance. We offer a global view of your assets, and we rely on technology to achieve your objectives. Are you ready for the digital revolution?


  • BIM consulting
  • Photogrammetry and laser data processing
  • Inclusion of field data in the model
  • Design development on model with the participation of the constructor and operator
  • Engineering with BIM
  • Integration and coordination
  • Clash detection
  • Support for estimating footage in the preliminary project stage and final footage for construction
  • Inclusion of costs in the model
  • Construction stages planning
  • Detailing of parts, structures and equipment for workshop
  • Analysis of pre-assembly of sets of parts for assembly
  • Work logistics optimization
  • AS BUILT model with final locations and information from previous stages
  • Specifications for maintenance on the model
  • Surveys, inventory and modeling of infrastructure and facilities
  • Optimization engineering
  • Asset management

Main benefits of using BIM

  • Detection of interference, errors and omissions in the design avoid rework and over costs
  • Promotes collaboration between designers from different disciplines, builders and operators
  • Enables the evaluation of alternatives and the proposal of design improvements that reduce construction and O&M costs
  • Control over the construction process reduces uncertainty and waste, and increases productivity and safety
  • The BIM model provides centralized information of the complete life cycle of assets

BIM leader

Eng. Martina Laborde