• Environmental impact assessment
  • Enviornmental management plan
  • Site planning & locating
  • Site surveys; noise - air - water - soil
  • Environmental compliance & permitting
  • Air quality
  • Environmental health and water quality
  • Solid waste management plan
  • Solid waste consulting
  • Urban environment

Our environmental monitoring services

Air quality monitoring

We have equipment to determine particulate matter (PTS, PM10, PM2.5) and metals according to the methodology of the United States Environmental Agency. (U.S. EPA).
We also carry out determinations of SO2, NOx, CO, H2S, among others.

Water and sediment monitoring

Our services include wastewater monitoring, natural water quality and hydro-uidological studies. We monitor groundwater, surface, marine and bottom sediments or dredges.
The procedures comply with quality assurance requirements and internationally recognized analysis methodologies.


We perform day and night acoustic characterization of the sound pressure level of all types of environments through continuous or specific measurements.
We have a type 1 integrating sound level meter, capable of simultaneous recording of broadband parameters, spectrum in octave bands and thirds of octaves. We also have manual and automatic equipment for measuring meteorological parameters.

Biological monitoring

Our company has the capacity in equipment and experts to carry out characterization studies of the aquatic biological environment (rivers, streams or oceans) and terrestrial, evaluation of abundance and diversity of species, characterization of habitats, among others.

Monitoring of atmospheric emissions

We have an isokinetic Environmental Supply Company, Inc. equipment capable of taking samples according to the guidelines established in the reference methods of the American Environmental Agency for the Environment (US-EPA), for the determination of Particulate Material, Volatile Organic Compounds and Semi -Volatile (VOCs), metals, dioxins and furans, and combustion gases.
Our technicians are trained to collect samples by a foreign laboratory accredited in sampling.
The collected samples are exported by CSI and analyzed by foreign laboratories that have ISO 17.025 accreditation for all contaminants.

Combustion gas analysis

We have an E Instruments brand flue gas analyzer, model E4400 that allows us to immediately measure the following parameters:
-CO / CO2
-NO / NOx / NO2
-Excess air
-Taire and Tgas

Environment leader

Eng. Luciana Paggiola