Base Information for the Design of a Solid Waste Strategic Plan

Final Plan Set of the Industrial Security Landfilling of the Uruguayan Chamber of Industries

Flood Management Review and Design of an "Emergency-Action Plan" for the Rio Negro Dam System

Environmental Studies for the Installation of a Lime Plant in Treinta y Tres, Uruguay

Environmental Performance Evaluation in a Phytosanitary and Veterinary Products Formulation Plant

Operational Environmental Management Plan for a Pulp Mill and Energy Plant

Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Sea Mammals (PAM) in Offshore Seismic Activity

Isokinetic sampling of atmospheric emission at the pulp mill and energy production plant

Updating of the Environmental Management of the Salto Grande Hydropower Complex

Ongoing Monitoring and modeling of the sound pressure level for the operation of an industrial plant

Estrategic Plan for Management of Sludges from Potabilization Plants and Wastewater Tretament Plants

Environmental studies for the completion of four onshore exploration wells

Project, Works Management and Start Up of a 40 Ton/hr capacity Parboiled rice plant (Jiangxi, China)

Final Plan Set and Management of a Tree Nursery in Guichon, Paysandu

Managerial Assistance for the administration and supervision of the works of the Integral Project of Drinking Water, Sew...

Administration and supervision of the works of the Program of Drinking Water Supply and Distribution in the city of Noga...

Managerial Assistance for the administration and supervision of the works of the Integral Project of Drinking Water, Sew...

Administration and Supervision of the works of the Sewer System Reconditioning Program in the city of Nogales, Sonora, M...

Construction Management and Inspection Services for the construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant and improvements ...

Technical - Administrative and Quality Control Supervision of the Drinking Water and Wastewater Collection Systems for t...

Works Administration, Supervision and Control of the “Los Alisos” Wastewater Treatment Plant at the city of Nogales,...

Technical Support to the Sewage Plan Executing Unit - Montevideo Urban Sewage Plan – Stage IV

Final Plan Set of the Civil Works of the Estancias del Lago industrial farming-stockbreeder enterpreneurship, Durazno, U...

Detailed Design for the Civil Works for MONTES DEL PLATA Pulp Mill at Punta Pereira, Colonia, Uruguay

Supervision and Construction Management of the Expansion of the Rosarito I Wastewater Treatment Plant (1st Stage) in the...

Management of the civil works and electro-mechanic assembly of the BOP, of the Montes del Plata Pulp Mill, Colonia, Urug...

Inspection of the Restoration of Changuinola s Drinkable Water and Intake Plant. Bocas del Toro Province. Panama.

Management and Internal Supervision of the Construction of the Water Intake, Booster Station, High Voltage Line and Elec...

Final Plan Sets and Works Management of VISCOFAN s Collagen Fiber Plant, Pando, Uruguay

Inspection of the Rehabilitation of the Santiago Drinking Water Supply System, Veraguas, Republic of Panama

Studies of the Paso Severino Dam, Uruguay

Executive project for civil and electromechanical works for the expansion of the plant Maltería Oriental SA in Montevid...

Executive Designs of the New Industrial Plant, Nestlé del Uruguay, Canelones, Uruguay

Management and Works Direction of the New Industrial Plant, Nestlé del Uruguay, Canelones, Uruguay

Project revision and Construction Management of "Parque Alimentario de Montevideo", Uruguay.

Planning and investment Project design of the wind farm project – Astidey S.A.

Water (and Wastewater) Master Plan for Montevideo and the metropolitan area

Project and works direction of the installation and assembly, training of operators, and starting up of a Portable Water...

Master Plans for the Supply of Drinking Water and Sanitation and First Stage Final Plan Sets at the Towns of Andulo, Chi...

Analysis and Final Plan Sets for the Supply of Drinking Water to the Towns of Mandjangala, Vitundu, Chinquite, Tchiana, ...

Rehabilitation and Expansion Executive Project of the Water Treatment Plant in Sumbe, Angola

Restoration of the Drinkable Water Plants Supplying the Cities of Kuito and Huambo, Angola

Executive Project of the water treatment plant of the town of Durazno

Reduction of Unaccounted-for Water in the Cities of Las Piedras and La Paz, Department of Canelones

Drinking Water Demand Study in the Maldonado Department with time horizon year 2045

Piping Final Plan Set and Technical Assistance to the Works Direction for the Installation of Motor-Generators at Batlle...

Medium Voltage Project of Cementos del Plata s New Lime Plant in the Department of Treinta y Tres

Detailed Engineering for 150 kV Busbars renewal in UTE Baygorria Power Station, in Durazno, Uruguay

Detailed Engineering of Piping for the Expansion of a Beverage Concentrate Manufacturing Plant in Colonia, Uruguay

Supervision of Design and Construction of a Multipurpose Wharf in the Montevideo Port – Wharf C (Uruguay)

Basic Engineering Project of the National Module of Capurro Port

Executive project of sanitation, pluvial drainage and road system in Ciudad de la Costa (First Stage) (Canelones, Urugua...

Storm Drainage Project for the Seco and Quitacalzones Streams Basins (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Executive Project of a Storm Drainage System in Libertad Neighborhood, Juan Lacaze (Colonia, Uruguay)

Profile and Feasibility projects studies: “Expansion of the Drinking Water and Sewage System of the Paraíso Alto sect...

Sanitation and Urban Drainage Master Plan for Montevideo, Uruguay

Urban Water Plan, Master Plan and Wholesome Draft Project of sewage sanitation, pluvial waters, roads and public spaces ...

La Esmeralda Stream Urban Basin, Rio Negro, Uruguay. Comprehensive diagnosis and infrastructure technical projects.

Manga Pumping Station, Repetto PS adaptation and corresponding driving lines

Final Plan Set of Effluent Treatment Plant for San Ramon, Uruguay

Effluent Treatment Plant Final Plan Set for Fray Marcos, Uruguay

Borough Improvement Program – Comprehensive Physical and Social Improvement Project of the North Pando Shanty Area, C...

Project for Comprehensive Physical and Social Improvement of the La Paloma Pilot Shanty Area, City of Montevideo / Urugu...

Neighborhood Improvement Program – Parque Cauceglia, Nuevo Cauceglia and Villa Libre Shantytowns, Montevideo

Neighborhood Improvement Program – San Antonio IV Settlement, City of Maldonado – Uruguay

Load Transport and Passenger Demand Study

Executive Project of Access Roads to the New Bridge over the Santa Lucia River – Route 11

Executive Project of the La Floresta Resort Traffic Interchange

Consulting Study for Restructuring of the Public Transport System, City of Trujillo, Peru

Mobility Study in Maldonado, Punta del Este and San Carlos

Route 6 - Access Roads to Sarandí del Yí

Interchange between Route 5 and Route 48

Traffic Count System in Paraguay National Routes

Demand Study and Modal Assignment Model of Interurban Cargo Transportation in Uruguay

Comprehensive Proposal and Design of an Operative and Process Scheme for the Integrated Control Center (Centro de Contro...

Montevideo Mobility Management Center

Weighing National Master Plan of Paraguay

Bi-national Study of the Management Control System of the Border Crossing Cristo Redentor System (Argentina-Chile)

Feasibility Study for two lanes in Route 3 from Route 1 to San José de Mayo

Route 30 – New insumergible bridges

Works Supervision of Route N° 1 Rehabilitation – Stretch: Plaisance – Camp Coq (Haiti)

Detail Engineering of the Punta Sayago Logistic Port Infrastructure – Zone A

PPP Circuit Nº1 - "Design, construction, operation and financing of the roads infrastructure of routes N° 12, 54, 55, ...

PPP Circuit Nº2 - "Design, construction, operation and financing of the roads infrastructure of routes N° 9, 15 and co...

Update of the Paraguayan Transportation Infrastructure and Services Master Plan

Statistical Traffic Survey in National Routes for the period 2018-2022

Executive Project of the 1.1 section of Asuncion´s BRT

Prioritization of Accesses to Treinta y Tres City

Technical support for the optimization of financial and operations management of public transport in Rivera, Salto and T...

Coordination of detailed engineering and interferences resolution for the works: “Redefinition of circulations in Ramb...

Traffic Interchange Project of Italia Avenue and Barradas Street

Technical study and development of long-term contracts for the Management and Maintenance of Paved Highways by Service L...

Traffic studies, economic-environmental feasibility and executive project of the Beltway of Montevideo

Final Plan Set of Montevideo Eastern Access Roads

Analysis for improving Cristo Redentor border crossing system

Executive Project of the By Pass of the city of Nueva Palmira

Updating of Technical Studies and Preparation of Long Term Contracts for the Management and Maintenance of Paved Roads b...

Consulting Services for Traffic Surveys

Detailed Engineering of a New Chlorine Plant for Alliance Uruguay S.R.L. - Pando, Uruguay

Detailed Engineering for the expansion of the Nueva Palmira Terminal

Final Plan Sets and Works Management, VELCRO Self-Adhesive Tape Plant, Pando, Uruguay

Final Designs for the civil works of the CARGILL Silo Plant, Nueva Palmira, Uruguay

Design and Structures Study for the Laguna del Cisne Drinking Water Treatment Plant Expansion Civil Works, OSE, Uruguay

Design and Structure Study of the Bridge over the Chamizo Stream, Florida, Uruguay

Feasibility study of the concession of Route 1 between Ecilda Paullier and Colonia

Detailed Design of Structures and Infrastructures of the Civil Works for Botnia`s Pulp Mill at Fray Bentos, Uruguay.