Flood Management Review and Design of an "Emergency-Action Plan" for the Rio Negro Dam System

Client: Adminsitración Nacional de Usinas y Trasmisiones Eléctricas (UTE)
Water, Environment & Territory
Environmental Engineering

The Rio Negro dam system is made up of the “Dr. Gabriel Terra”, “Rincón de Baygorria” and “Constitución” hydroelectric power plants. This set of dams is one of Uruguay´s electric supply system mainstays. The project consists in a "Flood Management Review” (FMR) and in the creation of an "Emergency-Action Plan" (EAP). Within the frame of this project the Negro River dam system´s hidrodinamic model is created, wich allows evaluation of operational criteria, analysis of backwaters reservoir and main courses, and the simulation of the different break scenarios, among others. It´s used the MIKE FLOOD modeling system.