Studies of the Paso Severino Dam, Uruguay

Client: Obras Sanitarias del Estado (OSE)
Industry & Construction
Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering

OSE is planning to raise the altitude of the Dam´s free weir by means of inflatable gates, in order to increase the stored water volume.

Scope of works:
? Part I: Studies on the dam in order to ensure the correct performance of all its elements, considering the new requirements set forth by the superelevation of the reservoir´s water level.
Analysis, under the current conservation conditions, of the future impact in the free weir´s operation efficiency, the installation of the inflatable gates in the inflated, flat, and intermediate conditions.
Analysis of its effects on the weir´s structure due to water runoff over the inflatable dams, either flat or inflated, using mathematical and physical models.
? Part II: Final plan set and other technical specifications for the call for bids regarding the embankmen´s superelevation and lowering of the spillway works.
Final plan set for the reparation of the slopes on both sides of the Dam, considering the designed superelevation of the embankment and the new spillway configuration pursuant to the hydrologic and hydraulic studies (using a comprehensive physical model).
? Part III: Follow up and technical counseling to the Client during the final plan set and assembly of the inflatable gates.
? Part IV: Implementation of the Dam´s Contingencies Plan, Security Plan, and of it Exploitation Plan.

Project Scope

Preparation of a final report on the feasibility of placing inflatable gates, based on the abovementioned studies, which enables OSE to decide whether to proceed with the installation or discarding the solution.