Executive Designs of the New Industrial Plant, Nestlé del Uruguay, Canelones, Uruguay

Client: Nestlé del Uruguay S.A.
Industry & Construction
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering (MEP)

Nestlé firm is currently carrying on the process of moving its existent plant located in Montevideo city.
To allocate its new plant Planta Nestlé del Uruguay S.A. has selected a plot of land inside the Zona Este Park located on Route 101 Km 24,200 and Portugueses Lane, in the Department of Canelones.
The involved areas of the new Plant include stockpiling of raw materials areas, processing areas, maintenance, laboratory, offices for the plant administrative personnel and support areas as changing rooms, refectory and infirmary among others. There will be included an access control of people and vehicles.
- Detailed designs of architecture, structure, infrastructure (pavements, drainages) and fire system.
- Elaboration of the documents and filing of the construction permits before the Canelones Municipality.