Master Plans for the Supply of Drinking Water and Sanitation and First Stage Final Plan Sets at the Towns of Andulo, Chitembo and Cataloba, at the Province of Bié, Mussende, at the Province of Cuanza Sul, and Cambundi Catembo, at the Province of Malanje. Angola

Client: SUL Engenharia para Secretaria de Aguas (SEA) de Angola
Water, Environment & Territory
Civil Engineering

CSI Ingenieros was hired as technical consultants for Master Plans and Detailed Engineering to tackle the sanitation and drinking water supply issues existing in the towns comprised within Lot 6: Andulo, Chitembo, and Catabola located in the Bié Province, Mussende located in the Cuanza Sul Province, and Cambundi Catembo located in the Malanje Province.The project, with a 25-year horizon, encompassed designing installations that would solve the drinking water supply issue and included defining the raw water source and designing harvesting, treatment, and distribution systems. A total of 5 works for surface tapping points and their corresponding water purifying plants (Q=60 to 900 m3/h), drinking water conveyance pipes measuring between 800 and 3,000 m in length, storage tanks and distribution channels (including water fountains and residential connections) were designed.
Sanitation systems were designed, which included latrines and watertight collection tanks for individual homes, collective changing rooms using a septic tank treatment system and disposing of the effluent through soil infiltration.
The project included a costs study and the Terms of Reference and Technical Specifications for contractors.

Project Scope

- Analysis: Preliminary studies: Gathering and processing all existing data pertaining to the specific characteristics of the study area. The result was an assessment of the situation and a forecast of requirements by period-end.
- Master Plans: Defining general drinking water supply and sanitation solutions for a 25-year horizon.
- Detailed Engineering: Project designed based on solutions found. Costs study and guidelines for contractors.