Rehabilitation and Expansion Executive Project of the Water Treatment Plant in Sumbe, Angola

Client: Puentes e Calzadas Infraestructuras S.L.U. Sucursal Angola.
Water, Environment & Territory
Civil Engineering

Puentes, an Angolan construction company, hired SUL-CSI to develop the “Master Plan to rehabilitate and expand the water purifying plant in Sumble, Angola.” Puentes will conduct the works pursuant to its contract with the National Directorate of Water (DNA). The plant inflow was expanded from 100 m3/h to 575 m3/h. The project involved realizing the hydraulic, structural, electrical and control systems designs for the following items:
- Raw water tapping point work.
- Inflow coagulation and gaging unit.
- Hydraulic flocculators linked in series.
- Inclined plate settler.
- Simple blanket filter.
- Treated water tank.
- Chlorination and chemical dosing system.
- Filter wash water recirculation system.
- Sludge treatment system.
The design sought to make the most out of the existing units. That was the case for the flocculators designed within the existing settling units, for the filters, which were modified to take a higher inflow, and for the existing tanks, which were repurposed.

Project Scope

The design was made at the detailed engineering level for all disciplines involved.