Executive project of sanitation, pluvial drainage and road system in Ciudad de la Costa (First Stage) (Canelones, Uruguay)

Client: Obras Sanitarias del Estado (OSE) - Intendencia Municipal de Canelones (IMC)
Water, Environment & Territory
Civil Engineering

The purpose of the contract consisted of the elaboration of the detail engineering for the first stage of sanitation, rainwater drainage and road system in Ciudad de la Costa (Canelones, Uruguay). The area of study corresponding to the first stage, included 46% of the total area, with an extension of 2,150 hectares and a population of 99,200 inhabitants by the end of the project (year 2035). This area had a very flat topography, with slopes that were mostly lower than 0.5% and an underground soil where fine sands prevailed. The water table was high and there were several lakes storing rainfall which acted as flow regulators. Rainfall going to the Rio de la Plata, went through the beach coast line, presenting both direct discharges and discharges through the marshlands and dunes located at the south of the coast promenade.

Project Scope

-Detailed engineering of 317 km of secondary sanitation networks.
- Design of 20,400 connections.
- Detailed engineering of 8 km of pumping.
- Detailed engineering of:
• 3 pumping stations with a flow less than 50 l/s.
• 6 main pumping station with flows of 50(3), 80, 115, 175, 325 and 815 l/s.
- Detailed engineering of a secondary treatment plant designed for 350,000 inhabitants (it includes pumping for cesspit discharge services and other discharge services inside the plant).
- Detailed engineering of one ground sewage pipe of 3,1 km length with a diameter of 1,100 mm, from the treatment plant to Río de la Plata.
- Detailed engineering of one underwater sewage pipe of 1 km length with a diameter of 1,100 mm.
- Design of micro-drainage networks consisting of 490 km of semi-coated curbs.
- Design of macro-drainage networks consisting of 29 km of open channels.
- Design of rectangular and circular wastewater pipes and 32 accumulation lakes.
- Design of 290 km of roads with different profiles that depend on whether they are internal, main or intermediary.
- Elaboration of technical supporting documents for the call for bids of the works.
- Elaboration of environmental impact assessments needed to obtain the environmental authorization prior to the works execution.
- Elaboration of socio-economic assessment in ortder to estimate the project profitability with the objective of obtaining financing from multilateral credit agencies.