Manga Pumping Station, Repetto PS adaptation and corresponding driving lines

Client: Intendencia Departamental de Montevideo (IM)
Water, Environment & Territory
Civil Engineering

CSI Ingenieros was hired to develop detail engineering for the domestic effluents pumping station for the Manga basin, including the design of the Manga and Repetto thrust lines and the retrofitting of the existing Repetto pumping station, integrating all
hydraulic, structural, electrical, mechanical and architectural components.
The work comprised:
- Detailed engineering for the Manga pumping station, including grate channels, wet well, relief pumping well, thrust manifold, odor treatment system and prevention upon thrust. The BIM software modeling conducted for relevant disciplines in the Manga pumping station should be noted. The BIM models were used to coordinate the BIM and for documentation.
- Hydraulic and electrical detail engineering for the retrofitting of the existing Repetto pumping station to increase the inflow.
- Study on hydraulic transients for both stations and detailed engineering for the protection systems (hydropneumatic tanks.)
- Itemization and measurements.
As a result, we obtained: detail engineering drawings, design specifications and calculation reports, specific technical specifications and spreadsheets for items and measurements. This allowed the client to call for a construction work tender.

Project Scope

- Detailed Engineering