Final Plan Set of Effluent Treatment Plant for San Ramon, Uruguay

Client: CIEMSA
Water, Environment & Territory
Civil Engineering

Detailed engineering for a new Wastewater treatment plant in the city of San Ramón, combining hydraulic, architectural, road and electric components. The new plant consisted of a set of units that carried out biological treatment using the extended aeration activated sludge system, removing nutrients and disinfecting using UV radiation. The final disposal of liquid effluents into river Santa Lucía was done through a pipeline. Before being discharged into the drying beds, the sludge generated during the treatment process was accumulated and thickened in the satellite tank.

The purification station was designed to treat domestic effluents from both the collective system (sewage network) and the individual systems (cesspits cleaned by sewage trucks).

These were some of the design parameters considered:
- Average daily flow: 12 l/s
- Maximum instantaneous flow: 34 l/s
- Equivalent population: 5,000 inhabitants

Project Scope

- Architectural Design
- Wastewater Engineering
- Hydrology and Hidraulic Modeling and Design
- Detailed Structural Engineering
- Electrical Engineering
- Roads Design
The disciplines related to the project were modeled with BIM software: implantation and civil, roads and hydraulic infrastructure, architecture, concrete and steel structures, piping. The models were used for client view of the project, BIM coordination and
documentation. A viewer for the integrated model was handed out to the client.