Effluent Treatment Plant Final Plan Set for Fray Marcos, Uruguay

Client: CIEMSA
Water, Environment & Territory
Civil Engineering

CSI Ingenieros was hired to develop the detailed engineering for a new Wastewater Treatment Plant for the city of Fray Marcos that included the hydraulic, architectural, roadway and electrical dimensions.

The new plant is made up of a set of units that biologically treat activated sludge with extended aeration, remove nutrients, and conduct UV radiation disinfection. The liquid effluents are finally disposed of onto the Santa Lucía River through a sewage pipeline. The discarded sludge generated during the treatment process is stored and thickened in the satellite tank prior to being discharged onto the drying beds.

The purifying plant has been designed to treat the domestic effluentes from the collective system (sanitation sewage network) and the individual systems (cesspit wells sanitized through barometric trucks).

Some of the design parameters considered were:
-Daily average flow: 5 l/s
-Instantaneous maximum flow: 12 l/s
-Equivalent population: 2000 inhabitants

The disciplines connected to the design were modeled using BIM software: implantation and hydraulic and civil road infrastructure, architecture, concrete and steel structures, piping. The models were used to show the client the design, the BIM coordination and documentation. The client received a display of the entire model.