Neighborhood Improvement Program – San Antonio IV Settlement, City of Maldonado – Uruguay

Client: Intendencia de Maldonado (IdM) / Ministerio de Vivienda y Ordenamiento Territorial (MVOTMA)
Water, Environment & Territory
Civil Engineering

CSI Ingenieros was hired to consult on the Neighborhood Improvement Program (PMB/PIAI). The purpose of the project was to regularize the shanty towns known as San Antonio IV, located in the Maldonado Department, with 1,289 inhabitants and 435 households.

Tasks pertaining to social aspects: Conducting a neighborhood census and creating the socialneighborhood development project to be carried out while executing the physical design.
Tasks pertaining to the physical infrastructure dimension:
- Urban planning: plot subdivision project, opening and/or consolidating the neighborhood´s internal communication roads. Resettling of households located in future public spaces and/or on future public roads or that do not meet the criteria for the new subdivision, and that are socially-residentially precarious (80 resettlements projected, to be built in 2 locations close to the neighborhood.)
- Sanitation: Executing the independent sanitation system design (939 m) to be connected to the existing system.
- Drinking water: Design to replace and supplement existing system. (325 m of pipelines)
- Rainwater drainage: Rectification design for the existing gully located in the shanty town. Executing the rainwater drainage collector’s network that solves the road profile using curb and gutters.
- Roadways: Street design with curb and gutters (675m)
- Electrical Network: Design to replace and supplement the entire internal electrical grid of the shanty town. Installing 335 new connections (regularization and new households for resettlement outside of the neighborhood.)
- Street lighting: Design that expands the existing street lighting grid using LED technology lighting fixtures.
- Forestation: Tree planting project for streets and public spaces.
- Public spaces: Design for linear park on the West flank of the existing gully to be rectified, with healthy games station, children’s park, tables and benches, 2 footbridges over the gully, etc. The linear park is a refurbishing and equipment project for the existing public spaces known as “la chanchita” in Spanish. Total area affected: 4,300 m2