Mobility Study in Maldonado, Punta del Este and San Carlos

Roads & Transportation
Traffic Engineering

The project consisted in the calculation of the mobility properties of the Maldonado–Punta del Este–San Carlos area so as to design an origin-destination matrix, as well as identifying the generating and attracting nodes, vehicles used, trip purpose, etc. The study included different subjects, particularly: Survey of load transport flows by means of interviews with the main stakeholders. Analysis of surveyed information, trucks´ characteristics, cargo types, nodes, clusters, routings, and applicable law, Design and implementation of an Origin – Destination counts survey program in public roads. This included sample calculation, database quality control and processing, preparation of partial O-D matrices, and consolidation for calculation of a general O-D matrix. Reclassification of vehicle counting database for capacity and safety studies by microsimulation or empiric procedures, Origin – Destination program survey of public transport users, information processing, analysis of users´ profile. Analysis of statistic information of bus ticket sales for trip distribution with biproportional adjustment with the Furness method, calculation of the O–D matrix for each bus line.