Traffic Count System in Paraguay National Routes

Client: Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Comunicaciones (MOPC)
Roads & Transportation
Traffic Engineering

Implementation of a Traffic Statistic Surveying System in Paraguay National Routes, consisting in:
? 9 permanent stations (24 hs., all year round), for classified counts and weigh in motion (WIM), in the primary road network and communicated by modem.
? 14 temporary stations (24 hs., 4 weeks per year) for classified counts, in the remaining primary road network and in the secondary road network.
? 75 coverage stations per year (24 hs., 1 week each) for specific studies (security studies, follow up of harvest activities), and coverage of those sections of the network not covered by permanent and temporary stations.
The project implies the supply and installation of equipments, with their maintenance and operation for a 6 month period. The equipments are made up of piezoelectric sensors and magnetic spires for permanent and temporary stations, and of pneumatic equipments for coverage stations. The project includes processing of data surveyed by these equipments, hence, a software for data input, storage and processing was developed.
Processing of surveyed data permits the construction of a complete traffic database for the national road and highway network that includes, among other features:
? Daily, monthly, and annual classified traffic volumes
? Seasonal traffic volume variation (hourly, daily, monthly)
? Monthly and annual classified speeds
? Classified vehicle lengths
? Gross and axle weights for weighted vehicles, and equivalent 18 kips axles
? Annual growth rates for each type of vehicle.

Project Scope

The National Paraguayan Road Planning Agency has a traffic database for complete and detailed statistic traffic analysis.
Information may be used for project planning, project economic appraisal, and pavement design, among other purposes.