Solis Traffic Interchanger

Client: Consorcio Interbalnearia Oeste
Roads & Transportation
Transportation Engineering

The projected uneven traffic interchanger consists in raising Route 200 (Interbalnearia ) over Route 87 by means of a reinforced soil embankment, keeping the roundabout with Route 87 by means of a 40 m long structure with an intermediate protected support in the central island. The interchanger allows the execution of all the maneuvers therein by means of four connection branches and one roundabout over Route 87, combined with auxiliary sidewalks on both sides of Route 200. The roundabout includes pedestrian sidewalks that comply with accessibility regulations for handicapped persons. It must be pointed out that the design considered the future expansion of access roads and the 3-lane structure by travelling direction. Due to the restrictions set forth by the existing public spaces around the routes, the design consisted in vertical slopes that were constructed with reinforced soil with a wall of concrete blocks. In addition, due to the low grades and the reduced space, the storm drain complex was designed with special catching and channeling structures.