Comprehensive Proposal and Design of an Operative and Process Scheme for the Integrated Control Center (Centro de Control Integrado – CCI) at the Border Post of Pedro de Alvarado (Guatemala) – La Hachadura (El Salvador)

Client: Ministerio de Economía -MINECO
Roads & Transportation
Traffic Engineering

CSI Ingenieros conducted consultancy services comprising a comprehensive proposal to optimize the operations of the Integrated Control Center (CCI) in the border post of Pedro de Alvarado (Guatemala) – La Hachadura (El Salvador). The border post is located at kilometer 166 of the Central American Highway N° CA-2, at the east of the city Pedro de Alvarado, Department of Jutiapa in Guatemala and the department of Ahuachapán, El Salvador. The link between both countries is made through the international bridge Manuel José Arce. This border crossing is the main land link used for the bilateral trade between both countries, as well as the reciprocal trade between Central America and Mexico (in transit through Guatemala).
The improvements achieved in these border interconnections will be a fundamental contribution to the physical integration of Guatemala and El Salvador and will improve the commercial exchange between them, and for the whole region. Besides the benefits to the inhabitants of neighboring countries, better conditions for the regional integration and the development of economic activities are achieved, beyond the influence zones of the border crossing and the two nations involved.

Project Scope

- Complete and integrated diagnosis of the initial situation of the border crossing.
- Design and validation of the optimal proposal for the implementation of the Integrated Control Center at the border crossing.
- Development of the validated proposal, including procedures manuals, management and control systems, adaptation of the normative framework, physical structure.
- Demand analysis, technical, economic, financial and environmental feasibility analysis.