Ecilda Paullier City Bypass

Client: Construcciones Viales y Civiles S.A. (CVC)
Roads & Transportation
Transportation Engineering

CSI Ingenieros carried out the detailed engineering taking into account the design of the westbound lane of Route 1, which completes the bypass to the city of Ecilda Paullier, in the Department of San José, resolving intersections with the local roads.
Detailed engineering for 4.5 Km of the second track of Route 1 was conducted to complete the double track in this section of the route, located outside the city of Ecilda Paulier. At-grade intersections with East and West accesses to the city are solved, with the river resort of Kiyú and with Route 11. Drainage works on Route 1 were verified and the drainage structures were dimensioned for the new second lane, so as not to affect the neighbors in that suburban area.
The integrated BIM model was presented to the client for later use during the construction stage.

Project Scope

- Asphalt layer and concrete pavement design.
- Hydrological and hydraulic studies.
- Geometric detailed engineering of 4.5 km of the second roadway of Route 1 double track.
- Detail engineering of 5 at-grade intersections.
- Signposting and safeguarding project.
- The road and hydraulic projects were integrated into a BIM model that allowed for a joint analysis of the projects, evaluating possible interferences and quantifying works.