Route 30 – New insumergible bridges

Client: Ministerio de Transporte y Obras Públicas (MTOP)
Roads & Transportation
Transportation Engineering

CSI Ingenieros was hired to develop the detailed engineering of two new bridges (a 600 m long bridge over Cuaró Creek, and a 80 m long bridge over La Comisaría Rivulet), and to conduct refurbishment works on a stretch of 4,5 km of Route 30, in the Department of Artigas. A new layout was plotted for 3,5 Km of said stretch to: guarantee it was non submersible, improve its planialtimetry and ensure proper visibility conditions by modifying the layout of closed curves it used to have.

Project Scope

For the new non-submersible bridges design, the tasks were the following:
- Topographic studies and expropriations.
- Complete soil studies and drills for the structure.
- Hydrologic and hydraulic studies using Hec-Ras modelling for the bridges design.
- Detailed engineering on traffic management, for which the design speed was modified to 110 km/h, given that the previous route had sharp bends and opposing bends, and limited visibility.
- Structural project of the bridges over Arroyo Cuaró and Cañada La Comisaría.
- Integration into a BIM model of traffic management, structural and hydraulic projects, which allowed the joint analysis of possible interferences and works quantification.
- Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).