PPP Circuit Nº2 - "Design, construction, operation and financing of the roads infrastructure of routes N° 9, 15 and connection of routes 9 and 15"

Client: Grupo Vial Oriental 2
Roads & Transportation
Structural Engineering

CSI Ingenieros was hired to provide consultancy field studies and detail engineering for startup and maintenance construction works, during the 20-year period of the contract, in 193 km of the national routes N° 9 and 15 of the main network, with a new connection between them for heavy traffic. These works entailed the detail engineering of 4 new bridges as well as the structure reinforcement and widening of 14 existing bridges and 6 at-grade intersections.

Project Scope

- Topographical studies and expropriations.
- Thorough soil studies and perforations for the structures.
- Pavement design of 193 km of route.
- Drainage design, verification of current structures and dimensioning of new ones.
- Hydrological and hydraulic studies with Hec-Ras modeling for the design of new bridges; particular attention is drawn to the 120 m long bridge over Sarandí de las Palomas Creek, in route 15.
- Road detail engineering of 193 km with planialtimetric corrections on the existing routes.
- Detail engineering of 6 at-grade intersections.
- Structural detailed engineering of 18 bridges, 4 of which are new, and 14 correspond to the reinforcement and widening of current structures.