Update of the Paraguayan Transportation Infrastructure and Services Master Plan

Client: Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Comunicaciones (MOPC)
Roads & Transportation
Traffic Engineering

The update of the Transportation Master Plan has as general aim to provide the necessary elements to guide in the short and medium term the development of the multimode transportation infrastructure development with the end of effectively satisfy the requirements of the productive activity and the general population demand. The activities developed comprise: Evaluation of compliance of the PMT 2012 Transportation Master Plan 2012), Diagnosis of transportation system, Modeling of the demand with TRANSCAD software, Medium Term Transportation Multimodal Plan and Investment Program for 10 years, Actualization of the Long Term Multimodal Transport Plan (20 years), Elaboration of a Highway Investment Program for the Short and Medium Term, Impact Assessment of the Master Plan at the Accesses to the Metropolitan Areas of Asunción, Ciudad del Este and Encarnación, and Training.

Project Scope

- Reviewing and thoroughly assessing the compliance with the design and the 2012 Traffic Management Plans (PMT by their Spanish acronym).
- Assessing the multimodal transportation system: socio-economical and supply-demand characterization, developing 60 vehicle survey sites and 32 origin-destination (OS) survey sites.
- Modeling the demand using TRANSCAD software: zoning, intermodal nodes and networks, drafting observed and future matrices, calibrating the 4-stage model, modeling the current situation and future scenarios.
- Creating a multimodal, medium term transportation plan and a 10-year investment program proposal, as well as detailing system management policies (maintenance, charges for infrastructure usage, identifying sources of funding, institutional agreements, legal framework, etc.) that would underpin an investment program funded locally as well as by multilateral financial agencies and private sector assets.
- Updating the multimodal, long term transportation plan (20 years): defining general policies and guidelines, drafting the proposal (vision, mission, strategic goals, actions and objectives.) Analyzing institutional, legal and economic-financial possibilities and restrictions.
- Developing a road investment program for the short and medium term (5 to 10 years): based on the transportation model, the detail level was expanded using HDM-4 software and applied to the entire road network managed by the MOPC.
- Assessing the impact of the master plan for accessing the metropolitan areas of Asunción, Ciudad del Este and Encarnación.
- Education and trainings: transportation model operation and maintenance, HDM-4 application workshop, PMT results analysis workshop.