Executive Project of the 1.1 section of Asuncion´s BRT

Roads & Transportation
Transportation Engineering

CSI Ingenieros conducted the detailed engineering that comprises the final engineering design of the Major System - BRT Project - Central Corridor, in the section between the intersections of Tte. César Díaz Pefaur Street with Av. Stella Maris up to the intersection of Luis Alberto de Herrera Street with Brasil Street. An alternative return route was also included from Luis Alberto de Herrera and Hernandarias streets, continuing down Hernandarias street up to Dr. Luis Garcete Street, and from the latter up to the intersection with Don Bosco Street, from where it coincides with the rest of the outbound route. The total length of the project was 3.2 km.

Project Scope

- Topographical and geotechnical studies.
- Bridges design, sewers and raised crossings.
- Design of rigid pavement (BRT lanes) and flexible pavement (public lanes), which comprised the following studies: analysis of materials, layout soils, deposits, and evaluation of existing art works along the corridor.
- Hydrological and hydraulic studies.
- Geometric design.
- Drainage works design: hydrological and hydraulic calculations.
- Electrical design: elaboration of realignment project for the MT and BT networks, lighting and existing data within the direct influence area of the corridor.
- Architectural design: final design of stations for passengers to get on/off.