Prioritization of Accesses to Treinta y Tres City

Client: Intendencia de Treinta y Tres
Roads & Transportation
Transportation Engineering

The consultancy service comprehends the design of proposals that allow the prioritizing of the accesses to Treinta y Tres City by means of the construction or modification of junctions, avenues, hydraulic drainage and roads signaling.

The tasks included:
? Topographic studies and expropriations.
? Hydrological and hydraulic studies.
? Illumination project.
? Roads executive project.

Project Scope

The study of the main accesses to Treinta y Tres City was carried on, including the Project of the junctions and avenues. For the junctions the construction of roundabouts and in some individual cases the modification of the existent ones was proposed. Regarding the avenues, the current disadvantages were studied, taking the resolution of enlarging the medians, modification of the turning junctions, allocation of kerbs and a particular solicitation of the contractor of transforming a simple lane to a double one with a median to separate them. For all these Works the pluvial drainage was studied and the illumination was updated to the new needs.