Technical support for the optimization of financial and operations management of public transport in Rivera, Salto and Tacuarembó cities.

Client: Oficina de Planeamiento y Presupuesto (OPP)
Roads & Transportation
Traffic Engineering

CSI Ingenieros was hired to elaborate a project that allows for the optimization and improvement of the operational and financial management of public transport in the cities of Rivera, Salto and Tacuarembó. It entailed the analysis of the current situation in each city, using the information provided by Departmental Governments, public transport operators and relevant stakeholders in this sector, combined with field surveys conducted by the consultant team.
Two stages were considered:
• Gathering, cleaning and analysis of information to conduct a detailed report.
• Expert recommendations based on the results obtained in stage 1.

Project Scope

- Study of the demand for public transport services.
- Study of routes and service programing.
- Fleet specifications and human resources.
- Study of cost structure and applied rate model.
- Financial study of system operation.
- Analysis of institutional and regulatory aspects of public transport.
- Analysis of the incorporation of gender perspective in public transport.
- Identification of findings and recommendations to improve management and operation of public transport in each city; alignment proposals to deal with unsatisfied demand.