Coordination of detailed engineering and interferences resolution for the works: “Redefinition of circulations in Rambla Portuaria, Montevideo, Uruguay”

Client: Fondo Financiero para el Desarrollo de la Cuenca del Plata (FONPLATA)
Roads & Transportation
Transportation Engineering

CSI Ingenieros was hired by the Consortium SACEEM-STILER-CIEMSA for the integration of executive projects, services interferences verification, and executive project of drainage of the “Redefinition of transit at the Port Riverside Avenue” construction works. This project comprehends the construction of a 1.700 m viaduct with two main access ramps, a 160 m arched bridge, two 540 m secondary ramps, as well as a collection of annex works to improve the transit in the area. The project total length is of 2180 m.

The general objectives to fulfill are:

• Integrate and coordinate the executive projects of the various engineering disciplines.
• Elaborate the viaduct pluvial drainage construction works executive project, sanitation, drinking water and firefighting networks at esplanade and 25 m strip executive projects.
• Verify and correct the various construction works services.
• Validate and complement the geographic database.
• Elaborate all the adjustments, corrections and detailing solicited during the executive project and construction works phases that could be necessary for the works proper execution.

Project Scope

- Engineering projects integration, coordination and advice in diverse specialities: roads, structures, drainages, high voltage power, geotechnical, illumination, transit, environmental, etc.
- Coordination with public bodies to file the respective permits for the fulfillment of the needed activities during the works execution.
- Executive project of pluvial drainage in overpass, sewage sanitation, drinking water and firefighting system.
- Verification of interferences in services, for what it was required the survey of the existent ones, validation, complement of geographical database.