Analysis for improving Cristo Redentor border crossing system

Client: Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID)
Roads & Transportation
Traffic Engineering

CSI Ingenieros was hired to carry out an optimization study of Cristo Redentor Border Crossing System (Paso de Frontera Sistema Cristo Redentor, in Spanish), which has a length of 100 km from Uspallata to Los Libertadores. It is an essential link in the logistics chain that connects Mercosur with the Pacific Ocean, since it involves the operation of different entities in Argentina and Chile. The system presented some operational deficiencies that prevented it from working properly. Because of this, the ective of the study was to establish the necessary improvements (operational and technological measures, pedestrian, vehicles and load circulation models, control position location, etc.) and its corresponding implementation plan.

Project Scope

- Definition of the measures to be implemented to optimize the functionality of the whole system. This includes improvements and simplification of methods, construction and adaptation of infrastructures, etc.
- Economic evaluation of the projects to be implemented.
- Elaboration of an environmental impact assessment and establishment of migration measures to be implemented.
- Conduction of a field survey campaign, including the calculation of delay time of each procedure for each type of user, estimation of travel time between the different control locations, etc.
- Preliminary design of traffic management and building infrastructure.