Base Information for the Design of a Solid Waste Strategic Plan

Final Plan Set of the Industrial Security Landfilling of the Uruguayan Chamber of Industries

Flood Management Review and Design of an "Emergency-Action Plan" for the Rio Negro Dam System

Environmental Studies for the Installation of a Lime Plant in Treinta y Tres, Uruguay

Environmental Performance Evaluation in a Phytosanitary and Veterinary Products Formulation Plant

Operational Environmental Management Plan for a Pulp Mill and Energy Plant

Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Sea Mammals (PAM) in Offshore Seismic Activity

Isokinetic sampling of atmospheric emission at the pulp mill and energy production plant

Updating of the Environmental Management of the Salto Grande Hydropower Complex

Ongoing Monitoring and modeling of the sound pressure level for the operation of an industrial plant

Estrategic Plan for Management of Sludges from Potabilization Plants and Wastewater Tretament Plants

Environmental studies for the completion of four onshore exploration wells