Detailed Design of Structures and Infrastructures of the Civil Works for Botnia`s Pulp Mill at Fray Bentos, Uruguay.

Design and Structures Study for the Laguna del Cisne Drinking Water Treatment Plant Expansion Civil Works, OSE, Uruguay

Design and Structure Study of the Bridge over the Chamizo Stream, Florida, Uruguay

Final Designs for the civil works of the CARGILL Silo Plant, Nueva Palmira, Uruguay

Detailed Design for the Civil Works for MONTES DEL PLATA Pulp Mill at Punta Pereira, Colonia, Uruguay

Final Plan Sets and Works Management of VISCOFAN s Collagen Fiber Plant, Pando, Uruguay

Final Plan Sets and Works Management, VELCRO Self-Adhesive Tape Plant, Pando, Uruguay

Studies of the Paso Severino Dam, Uruguay

Executive project for civil and electromechanical works for the expansion of the plant Maltería Oriental SA in Montevid...

Detailed Engineering for the expansion of the Nueva Palmira Terminal

Detailed Engineering of a New Chlorine Plant for Alliance Uruguay S.R.L. - Pando, Uruguay

Planning and investment Project design of the wind farm project – Astidey S.A.

Manga Pumping Station, Repetto PS adaptation and corresponding driving lines

Final Plan Set of Effluent Treatment Plant for San Ramon, Uruguay

Effluent Treatment Plant Final Plan Set for Fray Marcos, Uruguay

Executive Project of the La Floresta Resort Traffic Interchange

PPP Circuit Nº2 - "Design, construction, operation and financing of the roads infrastructure of routes N° 9, 15 and co...

Feasibility study of the concession of Route 1 between Ecilda Paullier and Colonia