As a knowledge-based firm, our people are the key to the success.

We identify, attract, and develop the best talent. CSI’s team consists of +200 permanent professionals who specialize in several disciplines such as:

  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Transportation engineering
  • Civil structural engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Industrial mechanical engineering
  • Port and waterways engineering
  • Architecture and urbanism
  • Economics
  • Biology, archeology, oceanography, and chemistry
  • GIS and BIM

More than 30 professionals of our team also have MSc., PhDs of several specialties, MBAs and PMPs

foto de Brandon Kaufman

Eng. Brandon Kaufman

Holding chairman
CIEMSA – CSI Ingenieros

foto de Rodolfo Merzario

Acct. Rodolfo Merzario

General director
CIEMSA – CSI Ingenieros

foto de Joaquín Cabrera

Eng. Joaquín Cabrera

Chief executive officer
CSI Ingenieros

foto de Javier Durán

Eng. Javier Durán

Director - business development officer
CSI Ingenieros

foto de Jacinto Durán

Eng. Jacinto Durán


foto de Alfredo Spangenberg

Eng. Alfredo Spangenberg

Chief operating officer

foto de Marcos Bigatti

Eng. Marcos Bigatti

International manager

Head of roads and transport

Eng. Gabriel Abraham

Head of water, environment and territory

Eng. Pablo Benia

Head of industry and buildings

Eng. Andrés de Fuentes

Head of technical office

Arch. Fabiana Rege

Project advisory and review office

Leonardo Chumino

Head of tenders

Eng. Marcelo Caimi

Chief financial officer

Lic. Federico Cabrera